the sun between her legs

Behold the view!

Damien Dsoul
2 min readSep 5


Come and see, my friends,

The sun between her legs

Setting gradually over the horizon’s edge,

What a glorious sight that is —

The perfect setting to appreciate a gorgeous sunset:

Legs at ease, monolithic like the Steinway Tower in N.Y

Supporting twin perfect cheeks — Oh, my!

Unblemished skin smooth as alabaster — God’s prefect creation—

What lies underneath is what most men seek:

The softest place on earth — a passport to Heaven, indeed

If only for her, I won’t demand a return ticket, not ever

There lies the perfect junction to end all earthly rides—

No point waiting for the cloaked figure to arrive with his sickle, I tell you,

But until then, my friends,

Away with you, while I appreciate another rapturous sunset between my girlfriend’s legs

Hopefully it will rain as well.