awaken, my love

wake up beside your lover and demand more.

Damien Dsoul
2 min readAug 10, 2022

Imagine you were in bed beside me
I awaken, and you are the first thing I see,
Except this is no dream — you are here for real.
I caress your backside
You twitch and murmur from the feel
Of my touch; I breathe your musk
Scent that is your masculine sex —
Arousing, alluring —
I cannot believe that you are still here
Last night was a blur of alcohol before we left the club
No way is my husband going to agree to this here
His flight won’t arrive until ten tonight
We have enough time — let’s not make this a one-night stand,
I grow horny each minute; it’s time I make you rock hard
It’s time I have you inside me, stretching me . . .
Awaken, my love, my darling,
Turn over, let my mouth work its magic
One lengthy, masterful round is what I need
One round, and then I’ll cook you a sumptuous breakfast, you’ll see.