There was the uncomfortable, irritating noise of the bed springs squeaking inches above my face, sprinkling dust balls over my body, but it wasn’t the only noise I heard in the room. There was the woman moaning from her pleasure on top the bed including gasping grunts of the man…

As a cuckold I love to see that my wife is satisfied sexually.

My name is Bob. I’m in my mid-forties with hair already growing bald, and a paunchy midriff. I work as an executive for a food packaging company. I’m happily married to my second wife of ten years, Stella; and I am also a cuckold, and I love being one. If…

Several days ago, I set up a poll on my Twitter account with a list of aspects that I assume are most difficult for couples, especially individual spouses, wanting to become a part of the cuckold lifestyle. …

Alone nights behind cold walls

Bended knees give rise

To unanswered prayers,

Supplicant poses;

Sentries patrol wearing Timbaland heels.

But that was just my memory

Admonishing me

For forsaking thee:

When our love was young

When words and deeds were bond

When we thought to have all lengthy time at…

Even now, I can’t put my finger on the moment my wife ceased being mine. But I do recall the first time I took notice.

It was a Saturday in the second week of December, at my company’s end-of-the-year dinner party. I was chatting with Grossman, our chief executive who…

Dear Shango,

I have a question that I would love to ask you. But before presenting you the question, I would first like to share with you a true story.

For nearly a month now, I have been cheating on my husband with a co-worker of mine. I use the…

“Come and fuck me in front of my husband,” she whispered into my ear.

I looked at her, double-shocked and triple-stunned by her words. My utmost thought was that she couldn’t be serious about what she just said. …

WHEW! Hot fucking summer.

Hard to believe we finally made it. By ‘we’, I’m referring to my husband Brian and myself. I lay stretched on a lounge chair in my sexy bikini by the hotel swimming pool, working on my tan here on the island of St. Kitt. Already I…

Damien Dsoul

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