I heard some rummaging in the bedroom as I approached and knew it was Betsy. Whatever she could be up to this time, I had no idea. The bedroom door was halfway open when I pushed the door further to see what she was doing. Betsy was flinging clothes from the closet over her shoulder. Some landed on the floor, and a few on the bed. A small bag lay open on the bed with few clothes inside. She wore jeans and a summer blouse. I was 50 years old, while Betsy had turned 48 the previous month, both empty-nesters…

Does a cheating wife have to choose between her lover and her husband in bed?

Photo: Dreamstime.com

I opened the door to our apartment and walked inside, about to announce to my husband that I was home. The words stopped dead in my throat when I saw Eric seated in the living room glaring at me with a stern look on his face. I shut the door and felt a sudden tick in my cheek. The tick usually occurs when I’m nervous, suspecting something is very wrong, and it’s my fault.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” I asked.

He maintained his silence for a moment, letting the tension build, then he spoke carefully. “I should be the one asking…

An adulterous wife went to spend quality hours

with her lover across town,

he asked that she slip off her wedding band

she shook her head and said no to that

he asked why,

“Because I want my husband to taste your seed

after you cum inside me!”

Her lover carted her into the bedroom

randy and horny, he was eager to see her nude

he ripped her panties off her waist

then laid down while she sat on his face,

he slurped and tongued her orifice

while she spurned around and swallowed his gland

until he grew turgid and…

“Is this it?” Joe asked me, indicating the apartment door in front of us.

“Yeah, it’s the one,” I nodded.

Joe knocked and I held his hand while we waited. We heard a lock turn, then the door inched open, and our Black Dom stared at us suspiciously. I felt nervous from his stare and managed to work up a smile and waved at him.

“Hi,” I said.

He continued to stare at us. Joe then did the introduction.

“My name’s Joe, and this here is my wife, Trisha,” he said. …

Photo 158879240 / Woman © Gawriloff | Dreamstime.com

We were somewhere between thirty to forty-plus thousand feet above the earth. As I gazed beyond the window of the airplane, all I saw was a rolling blanket of white clouds mixed with grey, all hovering in a sea of pristine blue sky. It was a very grand, spectacular view, I agree, except I had other things speculating in mind. I was horny and bore an urgent need to fuck something or someone so bad.

That someone happened to be my boyfriend dozing beside me on the flight we were taking over the Atlantic ocean. We were heading to the…

A horny housewife is desperate for her lover to show up in her bedroom

Photo 15512002 © Peter Kim | Dreamstime.com

I frowned as I looked at my watch for what might have been the tenth time in less than an hour.

“He’s late,” I murmured, then broke into a sigh. “He’s fucking late!

“Don’t worry, hon,” my husband Mike said to me from across our bedroom where he was sitting. “He’s probably stuck in traffic or something.”

“Please don’t say something worse,” I said.

“I wasn’t even going there, hon. I know Rick; he won’t want to miss not wanting to come to be with you.”

“Yeah, but he should have called,” I sheepishly argued. …

My wife, Karen, told me that her lover was on his way over, and it was likely that he won’t be coming alone. Already she had changed into the outlandish PVC outfit that she loved wearing when she was in her dominant mode.

She got me humbled on my hands and knees, kissing her booth heels. “Do you look forward to Master Brown paying your Mistress a visit, sissy?”

I nodded my head and humbly replied, “Yes, Mistress. I do look forward to his visit.”

“You promise to be on your best behavior when he arrives with his entourage?”

Photo: Dreamstime.com

A bodacious wife becomes sexually aroused during an erotic photoshoot.

I had thought of the perfect gift for my husband’s upcoming birthday, and that was a personalised calendar featuring me in various erotic poses for each month of the year. It was the first week of February, and Alan’s birthday was in the summer; I figured it was still early enough for me to get things done.

Alan knew I had promised him an amazing gift but not what I had in mind, and I wanted it to stay that way; the little he knew the better the surprise. It took me a week of online searching before I stumbled…

Brandy’s first BNWO experience

Brandy McKinley

I’m hungry.

I’m eating a banana right now; but I wish it were a black cock I was choking on instead. Yes, I am hungry. Hungry for black cock. I’ve been hungry for years now, ever since I started discovering more about my sexual appetite and desires. Ever since I realised that it was my dream — my desired destiny — to be a Black Dom’s slave-pet.

I gave up dating a white boy in college. That was about when I started being aware of black men and secretly admiring how they looked at me, the…

Damien Dsoul

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