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Come with me, darling,

I want to do it in the shower

under the water spray:

let’s do it while standing

grab hold of my shoulders

let me lift you higher

feel the water splash all over

grip me tighter

hook your feet behind my thighs,

jerk your hips

feel me grow hard inside you




holler my name

I’ll do the same

thrust against me

rock your hips

now that we’re done here

our bed awaits.

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Interracial Cuckold / Public Group sex / Elements of Exhibition

It was a Saturday evening. Sally and I had been watching a TV drama and I was already growing bored watching it. I turned towards her and observed from the lax manner in which she sat feeling the same way that I was. Sally was a very expressive type of woman; if she cannot say it with words, her body language was sure to give a hint of whatever was ongoing with her. She can’t help herself. Like me, I knew she wanted us to do something besides sitting there watching TV. …

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Sometime in the early month of May, in this present year of our Lord, the brilliant reclusive artist who resided at #27 Dan Wilson Street completed his long awaited masterpiece.

It had taken him more than two and a half years to finish it. That was two and a half years of blood, sweat, loneliness and absolute solitude. For two and a half years he had locked himself up in his little studio behind his house staring at his wide plain canvas all night and day, neither going out to see his numerous friends nor wishing to be seen or…

Hi Damien,

I once followed you on Flickr, but was sad to find that you’re no longer there. Then I found your Twitter page and renewed contact. I am a great fan, and I’d love to see you use white slut whores and their short-dicked cuck-husbands in action.

I have always had a special thing for watching a white whore take big fat black cock in all three cum holes. Even from back in my youth when I used to watch 8mm fuck-movies on the wall with a noisy projector with no sound. Years later, I then thought about getting…

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The man accosted me. He grabbed my arm and demanded — demanded, I say!— that I make his day and give him some pussy.

Oaf! He stank like my fridge after the electricity has been cut off for hours.

“The fuck you think I am?” I snarled and slapped his hand off my arm. “Think I’m some kinda ho? You want free pussy, go stick your dick in a wall socket, asshole!”

I hitched my handbag up my arm and swept dust off my shoulder like I was Jay-Z, then made to blow the joint. But the fool wasn’t hearing…

Thank you for the wonderful shout-out, Amber. I'll keep trying my best not to disappoint! ✊🏾

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The couple snuggled in bed under the covers, murmuring and caressing each other like star-crossed lovers. The man nibbled on the woman’s ear lobe which further got her in a good mood.

“Why don’t you go ahead and show me,” he said to her.

She gave him a sharp look. “Show you? Are you serious?”

“Why not? It’s just the two of us in here,” he said, indicating their bedroom. “You’ve got nothing doing, and neither do I. Show me how you get yourself off when I’m not around.”

She bit on her lower lip but said nothing at first…

My last summer holiday was my best so far:

My boyfriend and I frolicked in the sand

I opted to work on my tan

While Steve shamelessly displayed his muscle abs and thighs

Women’s eyes were on him, ogling from beside

Jealousy aside, I got to tease him back

I undid my swimsuit slip

And danced a jig as I twerked my tits

The crowd was agog — such a glorious scene!

Steve grabbed my arm and we made for our ride

Eyes trailed us as we hurried back on dry land

“Two can play that game, honey,” I remarked…

Vivian’s mom, Janet, hadn’t realised until she arrived at her place of work that today was Memorial Day — she wasn’t supposed to show up for work at the federal building today. She ought to have known that, except her mind had been preoccupied with how best to discipline her daughter. She was overworked and stressed up, and was looking forward to relaxing this weekend. The last thing she wanted was Vivian getting on her goddamn nerves. It was unfortunate she wasn’t married to Vivian’s father anymore — likely, Vivian misses him. Then again, it was good, too, that he…

Playing with my magic wand

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It’s an awful shame that I come awake this fucking morning and find your side of the bed empty. You’re so quick to leave for work without bothering to wake me up. It’s quite a let-down. I don’t know why you can be so damn selfish.

Mornings is when I’m horny the most; you should know this already, so quit playing. I often wake up with sex kicking in my head, and it’s disappointing when I turn to your side of the bed and don’t find you there.

Now I’ve got no choice but to go ahead and touch and…

Damien Dsoul

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